In 2012 the «RADA» advocate association united the successful and efficient lawyers-professionals in one team, who have many years of experience in legal practice in various fields of law, who protect and represent the customers’ interests, grant them comprehensive legal assistance in the resolution of their problems.

Practice of «RADA» advocate association
  • civil law;
  • criminal law;
  • administrative law;
  • tax law;
  • customs law;
  • family and inheritance law;
  • labour law;
  • medical law;
  • agrarian and land law;
  • IT-sphere;
  • European Court of Human Rights;
  • resolution of disputes, court practice and mediation.
Main criteria of mutual relationship of «RADA» advocate association with its customers
  • availability;
  • openness;
  • competence;
  • efficiency;
  • responsibility.
Main criteria of mutual relationship of «RADA» advocate association with its members
  • knowledge;
  • experience;
  • willingness and ability to take non-standard and original decisions;
  • responsibility.

For the achievement of intended objectives, high-quality servicing of customers and carrying out of the lawyers’ professional activity according to these requirements the AA «RADA» has created:

  • business, friendly and comfort atmosphere;
  • all necessary conditions, which ensure the modern and information and technical level of advocacy, improvement of professional skills of each lawyer and sharing gained experience.

The AA «RADA» is ready to cooperate with law societies, lawyers and legal practitioners, as well as open to new members.