Since 1991 the «RADA» Agency unites the highly-skilled professional workers: advocates, legal counsels; experienced specialists in the sphere of accounting, economics and personnel management; specialists in managerial and tax consulting; engraver and black-and-white (graphic) artists.

The impeccable business reputation and high professionalism and competence of the «RADA» Agency are confirmed by many years of successful activity in the sphere of legal practice.

Main directions of activity

Registration, reorganization, liquidation
  • business entity (joint-stock company, limited liability company, accessorial liability company, general partnership, limited partnership);
  • enterprise;
  • foreign company;
  • non-resident company;
  • cooperative;
  • organization (institution, establishment);
  • separate subdivision without corporate status;
  • public organization and public association, trade union, charitable organization and other similar organizations;
  • printed mass media and information agency;
  • farm enterprise;
  • individual – entrepreneur.
Foreign economic activity
  • finding, identification and attraction of foreign investors for the needs of domestic business;
  • legal servicing and legal defence of domestic investments abroad;
  • search, identification and legal formalization of rights to foreign investment facilities (estate property, corporate rights, tangible and intangible assets) for personal and business needs of domestic investors;
  • wide range of services on transfer pricing;
  • tax residency;
  • international arbitration;
  • creation/acquisition and support of off-shore and on-shore companies and trusts;
  • services to foreign citizens (obtaining the registration number of the tax payer’s account in Ukraine, assistance in obtaining a work permit in Ukraine, obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, marriage issues);
  • legalization of documents and apostille.
Management of legal risks
  • due diligence;
  • tactic and strategic planning;
  • mergers and acquisitions, concentration;
  • anti-corruption compliance;
  • monitoring and analysis of a customer’s activity or of his/its contractors;
  • work with problem assets;
  • outsourcing and secondment.
Intellectual property
  • mark for goods and services (trademark);
  • invention;
  • utility model;
  • copyright;
  • symbols;
  • information technologies.
  • legal support of securities issuers’ activity;
  • optimization of shareholders’ number in the joint-stock company;
  • development of constituent and internal documents of securities issuers’.
Economic activity of business entities
  • preparation of agreements, contracts and other legal documents;
  • legal review and analysis of agreements and contracts to determine risks;
    counselling on taxation matters;
  • service of land and lease and housing legal relations, as well as real estate activities;
  • conduct of negotiations;
  • representation at judicial, regulatory authorities and government authorities.
Accountancy and taxation
  • registration and recovery of accountancy;
  • tax optimisation;
  • HR records management;
  • formation and filing of returns to controlling authorities;
  • counselling on accountancy and taxation;
  • assistance during inspections by controlling authorities;
  • administrative and judicial appealing of the results of inspections by controlling authorities;
  • one-time and subscriber maintenance.