Seals and stamps are present in any business and any official document. Modern technologies allow to make seals and stamps of any complexity with protection against counterfeiting and the company logo. Seals and stamps are the brand identities of any company.

Seals and stamps help  simplify the daily clerical work. Most stamps are used for internal documents and official papers. They are quite freely available for staff. Stamps replace  clerks’ records in  oft-recurring situations and make documents look official.  Seals and stamps provide official information about the organization.

Facsimile is an analog or twin of personal signature or the signature of the head of the firm or company. Signature stamp creates basing on stroke, which is the same as the signature of the person.

Ex libris is an original and unusual souvenir, that can be given to boss, colleague, partner or friend.  Ex libris based on your child’s favorite cartoon or book would be a perfect gift for your child.

Tools for seals and stamps

Self-inking stamp is device for affixing the seal or stamp which includes the stamp pad and has a number of indisputable advantages compared with manual equipment.

We also provide plastic, wooden or metal cases for stamps. You can set a stamp by hand using a desktop stamp pads.